All you need is LOVE and some tools


All you need is love and some tools for your online business, right?

My top three tools for my business so far:

The ones I already use from Natalie’s list. I am really glad to have implemented these, and I have a plan for the next ones I want to start using.

1. I have my domain hosted on

Unfortunately, after I signed the hosting agreement, I found that I can’t really move the site to Fatcow, because the site has only been registered for a bit less than a month now. Have to wait for the full 60 days to move the registered domain to my new hosting provider. I do have my very own email address, though! You can reach me at

2. Been using Hootsuite for what seems like forever now

In a different phase of my life, I started to write blogs, read blogs and started to use more than one social media network. Along came hootsuite, and I was an early adopter, because I found it worked much better than Tweetdeck. — Anyway, many years later, I live in Vancouver, and I’m proud of hootsuite as one of BC’s tech sector’s most succesful ventures. Gotta love hootsuite as a user!

3. Using WordPress to get the site up and running quickly

I am a happy WordPress user. So, ok, had I known about the restriction with the 60-day registration before moving to a differerent hosting provider, I would have probably started out directly with a self-hosted site and That said, starting out on was super quick and easy. And on top of it, it’s flexible. I like the template-based approach, and the ease with which I can create menus, pages, and blog posts. As a beginning website user, having not worried about the usage statistics of my previous blogs at all, I only use a small part of the analytics and other capabilities. I am happy they are there, for when I need them.

The next tools I will implement for my online presence?

I am certain to use mailchimp for my email list. I may use Leadingpages, ejunkie and paypal as soon as I have a digital product ready to go.

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