Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn: yes, but how? 2

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How I use Facebook for my brand and business

I don’t. As explained in previous posts, I concentrate on twitter and LinkedIn, and facebook comes very much after — yes it’s big, but no, not much of my audience are on there in a professional way. This may change, is probably changing right now, and I might change my strategy around which social media platforms to use.

How I use Twitter to engage with my community?

I tweet, I follow, I read. In chunks of minutes per day. I love it. I can read the influencers, find new stuff, and tweet my own thoughts, ideas and content.

How I use LinkedIn to engage with my community?

On LinkedIn, I am a bit more selective on what I post in the form of my own content. As to groups,  I am at the beginning: I would like to interact more, but find it a bit clunky — maybe I’m too used to 140 characters by now 🙂

Things I implemented today

and thank you, Natalie for the tips:

  1. Created an account on twellow.com (stuck in email verification… will let you know, when it’s available)
  2. Created a list of people I’d like to get to know on twitter, created the feed in hootsuite. Sorry, no link, it’s private 🙂
  3. Finally created my LInkedIn company page (oh man, very much work in progress, have to create new graphic assets, why does each site have their own graphics dimensions?) and tweaked my profile a bit


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