Living with less – on the road with kids

Tiny Tent

Some people might think I’m crazy for heading out with as little as I usually take for the two of us. A lot of the people we meet on the road think it’s a huge feat to go on the road with a child, and of top of it with only a few things.

Honing a life-long skill

While for me it just feels easy, and like the thing I do. To be honest, it’s a skill I still improve and hone, and I’ve been packing light for over 30 years, starting with road trips around Europe with our family as a kid, to backpacking trips around South America, to a lot of business travel to South-East Asia — and now to our little backpacking wilderness tent pictured above.

Yes, I can live with only few essentials, and so can my child.

Backpacking in the wilderness

One of the things we love doing is to go camping and hiking in the wilderness, and being minimalist in that context means that we can head out for two or three days, and I don’t have to worry about my busted knee holding up under a lot of weight: my pack is consistently below 24 pounds or 12 kg.

Traveling overseas

Minimalist packing means that we can take along our scooters, our kites, our musical instruments, camping gear, and still stay within our allotted baggage allowance. It also means we pack clothes that can be washed, and rely on our friends’ washing machines on the road.

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