My nomadic quotient is 42- What’s yours?

42After many years of traveling a lot, many years of moving a lot, I have now become more settled: I live in my location of choice, and I intend to stay here for the next number of years.

I can pack my suitcase in 15 minutes for a 2-week or longer overseas trip. And no, that’s not just empty talk, I’ve done it on many occasions. I am comfortable traveling by myself, as long as I can stay in places where I can meet others, which is why I love hostels, and couchsurfing, and before couchsurfing was in existence, I was a member of SERVAS.

My nomadic quotient is 42

What I mean by that, other than picking up Natalie Sisson’s beautifully coined phrase, is that I’ve got it figured out for myself. For now. I know that my nomadic tendencies can change over time. For me and my family right now, living in our place of choice and having the freedom to take my business with me for a couple months every year is what I strive and fight for.

What’s your nomadic quotient?

Meaning: what is your ideal mix between travel, discovery and being home? Can you handle being away from your old friends for a while, making new friends on the road? What about your family? Can you handle being away from them, can they come with you on the road, can they handle not seeing you for a while?

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