My travel essentials and top luxuries

Passports and Credit CardsAlright, here comes the secret to my quick packing capabilities: I strongly believe that there are only three things I really can’t do without:

1) My passport

This includes visa if applicable, and my second passport if going to my second country of citizenship, and my kid’s passport(s) and visa

2) My flight ticket

Including my kid’s ticket

3) Two major credit cards

Ideally not in the same spot — i.e. one in my purse, the other one on my body.

How are only these three necessary?

Anything else can be replaced. That means, that I can buy a toothbrush, it means that even the promise of a credit card can usually find you a driver to the next major city that does credit card transactions.

Oh, and it also means that I personally, nor my kid, do not need any medication to survive.

Ok, once these essentials are packed, it is very freeing to view the rest of the packing list as luxury.

My top 13 luxuries to take anywhere

I like to have these along, whether I’m going on a back country wilderness camping trip, or staying in a posh business hotel, in the States, or in Malaysia.

  1. flash light
  2. medication
  3. guidebook
  4. ear plugs
  5. iPhone with headphones
  6. GPS with map loaded
  7. toothbrush, tooth paste, soap
  8. water treatment
  9. health insurance
  10. printed list of important contacts
  11. first aid kit
  12. anti-mosquito spray
  13. sun screen

What are your essentials and your luxuries?



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