Editing Customer, May 2015

Editing Customer, May 2015

Consistently makes the extra effort to ensure projects are completed on time

I have worked with Johanne for the past three years and have always known her to be an organized, responsible, and open minded individual. She contributed to very good and efficient teamwork in all respects. She regularly assumes responsibility for key projects and consistently makes the extra effort to ensure projects are completed on time.

Andrea Ubben
Market Intelligence Manager

Ability to analyze complex data and identify meaningful insights

Johanne is a highly intelligent and thoughtful person whose contribution to the performance of the Corporate Strategy teams was both effective and highly appreciated. Always open to new perspectives and challenges, one of Johannes’ key strengths is her ability to analyze complex data and identify meaningful insights and patterns. The fact that she is truly cosmopolitan, fluent in English, French and German, makes her an excellent communicator. She was a valuable team member, positive and open minded. It was a real pleasure to work with her.

Neil Butler
Director of Studies

Great understanding of the technical domain

Johanne had a great understanding of the technical domain, the customer issues and the market. She has excellent analytical and synthetic skills and her deliverables had always excellent quality. Additionally she is a pleasant colleague, open-minded and truthful.

Carolina Olea
Product Marketing Manager

Works very accurately and target oriented

Johanne is a very reliable and detailed-oriented manager who works very accurately and target oriented, especially on time-critical tasks. She is a very good team player with the ability to motivate the team to reach the team-goal in time with good quality.

Martin Nachtigall
Key Account Manager

An expert in strategic planning

I had the pleasure to work with Johanne on different projects. She is a true Marketing Manager with strong analytical skills who is able to see the bigger picture as well as zoom in on specific details. She is an expert in strategic planning and at the same time always keeps the customer in focus. Her enthusiasm is palpable and she always proofed to be efficient especially in a fast changing environment. I was always impressed how great she gets things done in our international environment treating others always fair and in a thoughtful way.

Alexandra Nelles
EMEA Competitive Intelligence Manager

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