Three improvements to my social media strategy

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It’s great, how much learning there is in setting up my own business. Loving it! So I joined Natalie Sisson’s, the Suitcase Entrepreneur’s, 10 day social media challenge, to learn more on social media. These are three things I am implementing today to improve:

1) Listening

What I’ve been doing: use hootsuite to monitor my industry, my competitors, and mentions of myself.

I just signed up for to monitor the rest of the interwebs for my name, business name, industry and one competitor.

2) I need a goal for my social media strategy

So far, my goal was very vague: I want to build an audience, build a list, drive business to my services and products, sustain a conversation with my readers, build a community. Hm.

A concrete and smart goal: Become known for product marketing for mobile.

Translated into social media: add value on twitter and on blog discussions. — add 500 new engaged twitter followers within three months.

And daily: read tweets, send tweets, discussions, and one to two blog posts / week adding value, and comment on other people’s blogs.

3) Concentrate on one or two social media channels

Again, so far I’ve been trying to do a lot, and not very succesfully using my time. I have started to tweet regularly, reading and retweeting marketing and product professionals and the tech scene in Vancouver, and I love it, and will continue doing that.

At the same time, I have dabbled in LinkedIn, had a facebook page up for a little while, and was thinking of starting a google plus page, and activating my pinterest profile for professional usage. Well, the focusing advice is timely: I will focus on twitter, and use LinkedIn as a secondary channel. And I will stick to these two for the time being.


This post is part of a new series of daily challenges by Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur, see here:



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