Top 4 Skills for a sustainable entrepreneur lifestyle


While Natalie Sisson points out the top 4 areas to master when living a suitcase lifestyle, I think these hold also true for any person setting their own schedule:

  1. Fitness
  2. Scheduling, especially with clients
  3. Relationships
  4. Productivity

And how do I manage these, and what other skills would I like to master?


I go for a daily bike ride of at least 30 minutes. My challenge is to continue that bike ride as we head into the grey and rainy season of Vancouver’s fall, winter and spring.


I’m used to handling my own schedule with meetings, and I like to use my doodle page to see my own availability quickly, and to give others a view of my availability as well.


I make sure to spend time in person with friends here in Vancouver, and to schedule time to stay in touch over the phone and email and Skype with friends and family overseas.


I use a pomodoro timer to have short bursts of concentrated time: this works very well for me. Also, at the beginning of the day, I jot down three things I absolutely want to get done in a day. I motivate myself by keeping track of what I have accomplished on idonethis: sort of the opposite of a to-do list. I find it very motivating to look back at the long lists of things I have accomplished in the past.


Image credit: adapted from 25+ Tools to Build Your Inner Entrepreneur by photologue_np


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