Travel Hacking –> free money?

Travel Hacking

To be honest, I’m not a pro at the travel hacking part at all. I recently found that I can use the reward points on my credit card to pay off my credit card: meaning I now use my credit card for every little purchase, because you know: free money.

Free money?

Well no, not really. As a marketer, I know it’s all about the data. And big data. Are VISA, Mastercard and Amex really using the data? Who do they sell it to? Is it split by financial institution, by gender, by postal code of residence, by immigration status? Interesting questions. So, no there is nothing like free money: there is the question, whether you are happy to give up some of your personal information in exchange for a little monetary reward.

I know I am ready to do just that.

My best travel hacking story?

hm. Not really a hack, still a wonderful memory, and free flights, at least for me:

My boyfriend did a coop term with Lufthansa, and all he got in payment for 6 months of intense research was his master’s thesis and a couple of standby tickets to anywhere in the world, for 90 days of return travel. We spent three months in South Africa, staying in hostels, on campgrounds and with SERVAS hosts, and hiking and rockclimbing our way across the country when we weren’t stuck in the middle of nowhere in our vintage Volkswagen beetle.

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