The two most important tools for business travel

Travel ToolPictured above is my number one tech tool for business travel:

A multi-plug

A multi plug travel adaptor that I picked up many years ago, and that I can configure to fit any electrical outlet in the world. Love, love, love it.

One of the things I love is that it’s decidedly low-tech, and therefore will work every time. Oh, and reconfiguring the adapter to a given country’s plugs appeals to my geeky playful engineer mentality.

If you are looking for something similar, a quick search on Amazon came up with this low-tech seeming travel adapter

My second favourite tool for international business travel

Oh, no, not something else?

Well, no and yes: to be able to function well in business situations abroad, you gotta be able to think on your feed. So my second super-important tool for international business is a quick mind for improvisation. 

Imagine this:

I’m standing in front of an audience in Vietnam, high honoraries are there, the leadership of the military, and I’m the expert on communication technology they have invited to speak on this military base. Everyone is seated, I’ve got the laptop, mike and projector set up, I’ve been introduced, and proceed to give a talk. The audience is engaged, the leaders look interested and happy — that is, as far as stern military faces can look happy in front of their men — and suddenly all is black. 

Power outage.

The backup generators jump in, but of course, the projector isn’t powered by those. On I go to give the rest of my speech without any visuals.



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