Who is (my) customer?

Who is (my) customer?

If there is one thing  I am passionate about, it’s serving customers.

And today’s social media challenge prompt:

“Who is your target market, which social media sites should you be focusing on and why?”

focusses in on just that. First of all, I realize that “my” customer does not really belong to me. No really, they don’t. They are their own people, their own businesses, and they interact with my business, hopefully, for some time.

And they do lots of other things in business (and in life) beside being “my customer”.

Attention Share?

Therefore, I find the idea of thinking about the time and attention share my business gets from my target market segment very helpful. No, that’s not their wallet share, it’s further upstream in the sales cycle, really how much attention does my brand and my message get. Incidentally, this is also a very helpful question when you are putting a product to market.

Ok, back on topic:

My target market are entrepreneurs and small companies launching technology products targeting other businesses. They are anywhere from 22 to 99 years old, male and female, and live anywhere around the world. They are interested in my services for professional reasons, and like to keep up on things important to their business, like technology trends.

I will focus on twitter, blogs (my own and those of others), and LinkedIn.


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